Intergenerational Valentines

The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary treated the Child Care children to a Valentines Day treat. The women helped the children create valentines for their families and then surprised everyone with a hamburger lunch.

This is an annual event for the Women’s Auxiliary, who ensure that their support is more than financial. Each of the women helped a preschooler or toddler with their valentine, talking with the children and gently guiding them when they needed help, creating important intergenerational connections. Strong adult role models are important, and expanding the relationships beyond parents to multiple generations is a key step to develpoing strong social skills.

The Women’s Auxiliary helps the child care in purchasing books and equipement and events like this allow that service to come full circle. Amy Lynn Herman, the Assistant Director of the Child Care, noted that “this type of interaction is really appreciated by the staff, parents and, of course, the children.”