Harvest Festival Approaches

Global poverty is a serious issue that we address with a bit of fun.

Every day 2.7 billion people struggle to live on less than $2 a day,according to the UN Millennium Project . Unclean water sources and relatedly diarrhea are a major cause of death for 2.6 billion who do not have basic sanitation. Women are poorly educated if at all, despite the evidence that education reaps myriad benefits for women and the community.

The Salvation Army is in these places, serving 118 countries worldwide, but the Corps serving in impoverished circumstanses look to places like Bloomington for support.

We are hosting the 2009 Harvest Festival: Auction and Dinner to support our brothers and sisters around the world, and we’re having fun doing it. If you’ve never attended a Billy Williams auction before, you’re missing out. He’ll be auctioning off tables of merchandise October 03; the prices are always right. All the proceeds directly benefit Salvation Army offices in needy locations worldwide. There will also be a dinner before hand, which you can get tickets by calling 336-4310.