Cadets Descend on Btown

The Brigade of Cadets Pose at the College for Officer Training in Chicago before Heading to Bloomington

Spring break is usually awesome in Bloomington, but it’s even better when six young, passionate Salvationists spend their week hanging out at the Bloomington Corps!

Sure we’ll treat them to the culinary delights of 4th street and show them the natural splendor of IU’s campus. But the real reason they are here is to help out with spring break VBS, lead Bible study and worship services, and get a glimpse of life here at The Salvation Army in Bloomington. We couldn’t be happier, and we think the kids will be too! The worst part is that they’re only here for a week.

The Salvation Army’s cadet program is based out of each of the Salvation Army’s four Colleges for Officer Training. In preparation for officership, cadets undergo academic, religious and social service training. On four occasions during their two year training, cadets leave their campus and are assigned to communities where they help administer programs.  These assignments, like the one in Bloomington, help prepare them for the challenges and joys that they’ll experience as officers.

Fun Fact: Prior to graduation, the “s” on each lapel and the epaulet are blue. At graduation cadets become officers and those items become red. In fact, there are two officers in the picture above, and once you know this fun fact, it becomes very easy to spot them.