Hope found in a Pair of Boots

Woman_in_glasses_smilingThe Salvation Army meets human needs in Monroe County daily, and this week it took the shape of hope found in a pair of boots.

A woman came to The Salvation Army because her job was ending and her savings were quickly evaporating as she frantically looked for employment.

She had never been to The Salvation Army before, and didn’t even know that we helped. But that day as she saw the red shield driving by, something told her to stop.

When she walked in, she found hope. Sitting down with our case worker, she described her desperation. Her car was almost out of gas, she didn’t have much food left, and she was making choices between paying bills or eating.

The Salvation Army met her human needs that day by connecting her to financial resources, giving her food, and sending her across the parking lot to the Thrift Store to get a pair of boots. Our case worker was happy to help, and moved along to assist the next person.

But, this week the same woman returned to The Salvation Army with tears of gratitude in her eyes, as she relayed that she had found stable work and couldn’t have made it through her period of unemployment without the help of The Salvation Army. She said, “I couldn’t believe that I got those boots. It made all the difference in the world to know that when I was in need, someone was there! Those boots gave me the hope that I could get through this, and I did!”

The Salvation Army in Monroe County helps daily with food, emergency financial assistance, spiritual support, and Thrift Store clothing vouchers redeemable for a dose of hope!