The Salvation Army Community Center

The gymnasium, classrooms, and commercial kitchen at the corner of Rogers and Kirkwood are open to the community. If you are interested in using our facility, please contact Aaron Byerley at 812-336-4310, or Find the program that fits your lifestyle below!


Senior Volleyball

Whether you’re a senior or not, live actively and come play volleyball with enthusiastic friends in a welcoming environment! They play every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 10:30am-Noon.

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The objective of this game is similar to Rummy, but is played with tiles. Originating in China, various styles of the game have evolved over the centuries but many still find enjoyment in this game of skill, strategy and calculation. Come enjoy some snacks and camaraderie every Monday and Wednesday from 1-4pm. FUN FACT: Studies have shown that playing Mahjong can help prevent or slow the effects of cognitive disorders.


Youth Character Building

This is an evening of fun for elementary aged youth as they partake in Salvation Army Girl Guards, Sunbeams, and Adventure Corps. Children also enjoy choice time, recreation, snack/evening meal, and Bible Time. For more information, see our Corps Calendar page.



Boys and girls alike learn the ancient art of Taekwondo in a fun environment on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 5:30-6:30pm. Chris Hunt from Hoosier Martial Arts teaches anyone from ages 6-60! If you would like to register for this class, call Chris at 812-320-7862 or email him at It costs $40/person and $30/additional sibling. Hoosier martial arts can be found on Facebook.