Next Steps is your path to finding a home in Eagle Creek!

At Eagle Creek, our mission is to help transform people’s lives.  Part of that mission is helping people move from an individual with no faith, to being an individual who is a deeply devoted follower of Christ.  This doesn’t happen over night.  It happens with commitment to studying scripture, having a deep prayer life, and continuing to connect with other believers.  Perhaps you have already joined us for worship.  We would like to help you take the Next Step; and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Getting Started – Step 1

At Eagle Creek, we are committed to coming alongside anyone who wants to move forward in their relationship with God – and finding a church you can call “home” is a big part of that journey.  If you are interested in getting more involved in the life of this church, your first step is to learn more about us.

Click here to learn about our history.

Click here to learn about our beliefs.

Prayerful consideration is also part of step 1.  Making sure this is the church home to which God has called you is important.  Take some time to sit, pray, and listen to His leading.

Getting Involved – Step 2

Eagle Creek Church

Eagle Creek is not just a place to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally, it is also a place to grow spiritually! Eagle Creek Church provides a welcoming environment for all people to experience God’s love and to grow in their faith.  We don’t gather to put on a show or impress one another. We strive to be honest about who we are, and our goal is to simply glorify God with our lives; it is the grace of God that motivates us. We hope to point our community to Jesus.  Visiting a new church can be scary.  Click here for what to expect.  You might even see some of us in a military style uniform.  Click here to find out why.


Finding community at Eagle Creek is as easy as attending any of our ministry opportunities throughout the week.  Assessing your needs is a great way to start.  Connecting with our pastors, Captains Jonathan & Chrissy Cooper is also a great way to begin your journey.  Whether you just need someone to talk to, pray for you, or visit with you, they are happy to help.  Click here for their contact information.


Thrive is an excellent way to get involved if you have children.  Thrive is a ministry for all kids to come together on Tuesday evening and have fun with archery, recreation, character building, and music opportunities.  Dinner is provided!  You can bring your kids, and feel free to stay and participate.  There are many parents with whom you could connect.  Click here to learn more.

Youth Recreation and Development

We have a variety of seasonally changing leagues and classes for your kids.  These opportunities can be really expensive, but coming to Eagle Creek means you will find very affordable activities and sports for your kids.  This is also a great way to connect with other families and build strong relationships.  Click here to learn more.

Adult Bible Study

Maybe you just need a deeper Bible Study with other adults.  We have the opportunity for you!  Our Bible Study on Sunday nights at our pastors’ home is hard hitting, challenging, and a deep study on various topics of faith.  The atmosphere is casual and conversational.  Excellent child care is provided!  Click here to learn more.

Men’s & Women’s Ministries

Is fellowship with other adults something missing your life?  These groups meet on Wednesdays at 10:30am and focus on interaction with believers through Biblical discussion, fellowship, and various activities.

Serving Suffering Humanity

Perhaps what the Salvation Army is best know for is helping those who are suffering.  You can be a part of that!  Jesus is clear that part of the Christian’s faith walk is to care for others.  You can help in our food pantry, help with our monthly senior food boxes, or join with our Community Support Coordinator.  Click here to learn more.

There is so much going on at the Eagle Creek Church & Community Center.  Take some time to browse our website for other opportunities.  As always, if you have questions you can contact us by clicking here.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Next Steps!

Getting Deeper – Step 3

If you’ve made it this far, we would love for you to consider taking our Going Deeper class.  During these classes you will find out what your spiritual gifts are, and what The Salvation Army believes on a deeper theological level.  At the end of the class, you will have the option of becoming an official member our church or “soldier”, or you can just have a better understanding of our common faith and continue worshiping with us.  This is a can’t miss, no pressure opportunity.  Contact our pastors for more information!