Make a difference with your time by volunteering in a role that fits your gifts, interests, and talents. Find the opportunity you are interested in and simply email the staff contact and let them know!


Top Needs

Serve Kids & Students in Athletics or After School

You can be a huge part of a child’s life and help set them up for a future of success in life and deep connection with the Lord. Whether you have experience coaching and would like to step in to our many athletic programs or you have a desire to help teach in our after school ministry called ENERGIZE, or getting involved with THRIVE, volunteering to work with kids can have real eternal significance.

Spiritual Gifts Suggested:  Teaching, Leadership, Evangelism, Discernment, Shepherding

Contact Ryan Mathews for more information

Serve Congregationally

There are a ton of ways you can jump in and get involved in Eagle Creek Church. Sometimes it’s as easy as opening a door and greeting someone before Sunday morning worship. It could be you want to get involved leading a Sunday morning small group, or even taking some time in First Look with the 0-5 year olds on Sunday morning. One of the best ways to get integrated into a church is to jump in and get involved!

Spiritual Gifts Suggested:  Exhortation, Evangelism, Helps, Hospitality, Teaching, Shepherding

Contact Captain Jonathan Cooper for more information

Serve in Community Support

Perhaps what The Salvation Army is best known for is our care and outreach to those who are in need. Throughout the United States, we help over 30,000,000 people each year, and you can be a part of that at Eagle Creek. We’re always looking for help in our food pantry or during our senior food box distribution, but those aren’t the only opportunities you can do to have an impact on supporting your community.

Spiritual Gifts Suggested:  Hospitality, Mercy, Service, Helps, Evangelism

Contact Pat Adams for more information

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Serve in our Facility

Let’s face it, buildings need cleaned and maintained. For some, this can seem like a real chore. For others, it’s right up their alley! If you have a passion for helping us keep our facility looking great and safe while we serve kids and those in need, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Spiritual Gifts Suggested:  Helps, Hospitality, Service

Contact Pat Adams for more information

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Don’t worry!  There’s a place for everyone to get involved at Eagle Creek! Feel free to contact us and ask!

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Eagle Creek!  We look forward to hearing from you!