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Akron_Dad_and_son_in_front_of_Salvation_Army_Shield_21Do your children have a better chance than you did? Are you concerned about the basics that you need for you and your family? You can take the first step today by joining the Pathway of Hope to help you navigate the challenges to a better future. To get there, a caseworker will work with you to design a plan around your individual goals, needs and strengths.

What Does the Program Involve?

Caring today for your family’s needs, while building a strong future can be challenging. The Salvation Army team will walk alongside you on your family’s journey:

 Mapping it out

Meet with a caseworker to develop your personalized action plan. 

 Staying on track

Chart your progress and see your success with your dedicated case worker on a regular basis.

 Passing the six month mile marker

See where you are at six months and decide what’s next on your journey.

 Looking ahead

Celebrate your successes. Adjust any further goals.  Encourage others.

Resources & Connections

Through your involvement with Pathway of Hope, you’ll be introduced to both Salvation Army and other services that are available within your community which offer:

  •  A network of support
  •  A sense of community
  •  Holistic programs
  •  Spiritual guidance

Service Connector to:

  •  Job training
  •  Health services
  •  Childcare and education
  •  Housing options
  •  Legal services
  • And much more…