Archery provides a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages, sizes, athletic abilities, and physical capabilities to build developmental assets. It helps to create a framework for growth in areas such as support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, and constructive use of time, and will provide a great avenue for your child to get involved in the sport in their school.

Why Archery?

  • Archery is an ancient sport and discipline
  • Archery is growing rapidly and popular with millions
  • Archy is a life skill everyone can enjoy
  • Archery is safer than almost every other sport
  • Archery provides an activity where kids can learn discipline and accomplishment
  • Archery is quickly growing in Indianapolis schools

Our instructors are trained in the latest techniques for accuracy and safety through NASP; the “National Archery in the Schools Program”!

For just thirty dollars ($30.00) your child will receive a one-year membership to the Archery Club, one-hour classes in a session in the sport of archery, held every Tuesdays from 4:45pm – 5:25pm, and a t-shirt which will identify them as a part of The Salvation Army Eagle Creek Archery Club.

If an entire program year isn’t something you are interested in, that’s okay!  Just enroll in the monthly option at four dollars ($4.00) per month.  There is no contract and no obligation!

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As it is with all of our ministries, your child will also receive encouragement, fellowship with other kids, and quick devotionals which will help them to understand who Jesus is and have a closer relationship with Him.

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