The Salvation Army is first and foremost a religious institution, where each week members of communities throughout Indiana gather at Salvation Army corps community centers and centers of service to worship on Sunday. Worship programs are also conducted throughout the week.

As the world’s largest non-profit charity organization, The Salvation Army meets the humanitarian needs of people in need, guiding them to physical, mental and spiritual betterment. Throughout the state of Indiana, The Salvation Army exists as a catalyst in helping people change their lives for the better. Each day successful and proven Salvation Army programs assist the homeless, addicted, poor, afflicted, elderly, and less-fortunate youth in our community.

Social Service programs provide financial assistance such as rent/mortgage assistance, utilities (electric/water/heat), food, clothing, transportation, and other basic and unique needs to families or individuals in crisis.

Online Applications Only – Click Here to Get Started

For more information on availability of service in your community, visit our contact page.

The Salvation Army Eagle Creek is now taking online applications for financial assistance.  To apply for assistance you will need access to the internet and have a valid email address.  If you do not have a valid email address you can get one from a free email-service provider (,,,, etc.).  You are welcome to come use our computer lab during regular business hours.

Online applications only.  Once your online application is received for financial assistance consideration, the Community Support Coordinator will review your information and contact you within three (3) business weeks if you are eligible for an appointment.  If you are not eligible for assistance the Community Support Coordinator will send you a letter explaining why, and will include other resources that you are welcome to reach out to.  If you need assistance before we can get back to you, please call the 211 Help Line (317-926-4357) to see what other resources may be available to you.

If you are approved for financial assistance, our process takes approximately seven (7) to ten (10) business days before your service provider will receive the approved payment.

Required documentation includes the following:

  1. A decision letter (acceptance or denial) from your local township trustees office dated within the last sixty (60) days (call the 211 Help Line [317-926-4357] to find out where your local township trustee’s office is located)
  2. Valid Photo ID
  3. Social Security cards for every member in the household
  4. Payment history for the past twelve (12) months for the service you are requesting assistance for
  5. Proof of your monthly housing payment (a copy of your lease or a statement from your landlord)
  6. Proof of your monthly utility bills
  7. Proof of Income
  8. Proof of address
  9. Additional documents may be requested if needed

Please make sure you have all of this documentation before you start filling out the online application (click here to start the online application process).  Our Community Support Coordinator/Caseworker cannot move forward with assisting you if you do not have all of the required documentation.

Our Community Support Coordinator/Caseworker can be reached via email at, or on ext. 225.