Your kids are invited to join us on Tuesdays beginning at 4:45pm for our action packed evening of youth ministries!

Our ministries are fast paced to keep your child’s attention, and tailored to meet them on their level.  We provide experiences which will help our kids, not only grow, but THRIVE!

We begin at 4:45pm with Archery.  In the city of Indianapolis?  Yes, Archery!  It’s not only the fastest growing sport in America, it’s safe and teaches discipline.  For more information, click here.  You will not want your child to miss out!  Register for Archery by clicking here.

Then, at 5:45pm we have a delicious dinner, at no cost to you!

At 6:15pm, we move to our character building ministries.  Here your child will receive civic, societal, and outdoor training they will use for the rest of their life.  It is our version of scouting!


Finally, 7:00pm we teach music lessons.  This will be a vastly important part of the evening as we provide your child with the tools to develop a skill which will have ramifications throughout their development.  Kids who are involved with music, tend to have higher IQs, do better on tests, and increase more rapidly in language and spatial development.

We end our night at 7:30pm, and by then, your child has learned a lot, and had a blast doing it.  If you are interested in our Tuesday night “Thrive” ministries, please contact Captain Chrissy Cooper for more information.

See you there!