Eagle Creek Taekwondo is done in partnership with Celestial Martial Arts.

Welcome to Eagle Creek Taekwondo!  Our purpose is to provide youth with the opportunity to grow as athletes and as individuals. Children will learn the fundamentals of taekwondo and of life!  Class size is limited, so sign up now to guarantee your spot.  Sign up any time and start investing in your child today!

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Contact Ryan Mathews for additional details.

Taekwondo Class Advantages

– Taekwondo is a continual class.  You can sign your child up any time during the year and they can jump in and start learning immediately!

– Kids in taekwondo get physically and mentally stronger.

– Taekwondo is a great way to improve a child’s coordination, self confidence, and endurance.

– Every child will learn the fundamentals and improve; earning higher belts and achieving mastery of the sport.  Every 3-4 months your child will have a chance to test for promotion in belts.  The testing and new belts cost $15.00.

– Your kids will work with our certified, professional instructor who will take time to help your child individually.

What You Will Need

Boys and girls are encouraged, but not required, to wear the taekwondo uniform which they can purchase from the instructor for just $30!

You are also encouraged to ask the instructor any questions after your first lesson.

More Info

Ages:  2nd Grade and Up – Even adults are welcome! Sign up your children or join as a family!

Classes:  Friday evenings 6:00p – 7:30p

Cost: ONLY $10 per class per participant!!

For further information, please contact Ryan Mathews at 317-299-4454 ext. 224 or via e-mail at Ryan_Mathews@usc.salvationarmy.org

Celestial Martial Arts LLC is a member of the American Midwest Taekwondo Association and the Christian Black Belt Association.