Emergency Assistance

The Salvation Army Emergency Financial Assistance program provides budget counseling and financial aid. These services can and do help prevent eviction and utility disconnection. The social workers assist in reviewing individuals and family’s expenses and income shortfalls. Family’s needs are assessed, preventive education and constructive life habits are communicated. The caseworker works with the client, utility provider/landlord and supporting organizations to prevent unstable situations from continuing in a spiral downward. The Salvation staff advocate and in most cases, can prevent undesirable outcomes. This “good faith” contribution prevents immediate shut off or eviction. According to the ALICE study, “Short–term intervention by family, employer, nonprofits, and government, can mitigate crisis for financially unstable households and possibly prevent an economic spiral downward.”

The EFA program has had many positive outcomes for families and individuals with life – changing success stories. Success can be measured in the following ways: utility providers or landlords will forgo shut off or eviction because of negotiations and financial assistance provided by TSA staff or volunteers and other collaborative agencies; the payment provides an additional 30 days of services, while other in–house and outside resources can be secured; some families need more than just a one time intervention and are assessed for additional counseling in the KASH 4 Change or Pathway Of Hope programs to learn skills that lead them toward a more sustainable life path.