Facility Rental

The facilities at The Salvation Army Corps Community Center are available for rent when not in use by The Salvation Army. Space available for rentals include: sanctuary/theater, gymnasium, community youth center, dining room, kitchen, and classrooms. For information on availability, fees, requirements and touring the space, please contact:

Captain Luis Acosta – Luis_Acosta@usc.salvationarmy.org 260-744-2311

General Rental Information

Rental of The Salvation Army Corps Community Center facility is a privilege and allowed according to the following guidelines.

1. Any outside group that uses The Salvation Army facilities must sign a separate Hold Harmless agreement in which the organization assumes the risk of injury to all persons who are on the premises as part of that group and for injury or property damages sustained by others that results from the group’s use of the premises.

2. Any group using The Salvation Army facilities for high risk activities must also provide a Certificate of Insurance as evidence of general liability insurance with at least a $2,000,000.00 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage.

3. Rental fees must be paid at least two weeks in advance of the days and times reserved by the group. For monthly rentals we request a month’s rent in advance.

4. It is preferred for long term rentals such as basketball leagues that contracts are renewed on a yearly basis.

5. Fees for agreed rental dates are due regardless if the rental group uses the facility on their scheduled dates. If dates need to be cancelled or changed a minimum of two weeks written notice is requested. If agreed rental dates are cancelled due to weather related closures or due to Salvation Army needs, paid fees will be credited.

6. The Salvation Army reserves the right to schedule agency related events on your scheduled days with no less than a two week notice. If a disaster related emergency occurs, The Salvation Army may need to use the rented space on your scheduled day(s) with no advance notice.

7. If the rental group is issued a security alarm code or key, the individual signing the contract is responsible to never share or copy the code or key and to always keep it secure. If the code or key is stolen, The Salvation Army must be notified immediately.

8. The rental group will observe the contracted start and end times.

9. The rental group is required to complete the statistics form showing the number of individuals and the number of hours the facility was used each day. (This is a Salvation Army Headquarters requirement)

10. In the case of false alarms, either police or fire, any charges incurred will be the sole responsibility of the rental group.

11. The rental group agrees to provide proper supervision to maintain order and safety for all members of the group, including their visitors. If members of the group or visitors are under the age of 18, the rental group must have at least 2 adults present at all times.

12. The rental group must provide their own first aid supplies.

13. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in The Salvation Army facility. Smoking is only allowed outside in designated areas away from all doors.

14. If the rental group requests to use Salvation Army equipment such as but not limited to sound equipment/ projectors/ screens/ microphones, a Salvation Army representative must be present to set up and run the equipment. If use of this equipment is outside the employees’ normal working hours, the rental group may be required to pay their overtime wage.

15. The rental group must leave their rental space (including restrooms, locker rooms, hallways and other areas used to access the facility clean and undamaged. Any additional cleaning beyond normal usage will be invoiced.

16. Any damages occurring to our facility or property (inside or outside) by anyone affiliated with the rental group will be the sole responsibility of the rental group. The rental group will pay the full costs for any damaged items as a direct result of their occupancy.

17. Security of vehicles and personal possessions owned by members of the rental group and participants, are the responsibility of the rental group and participants.