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Community Youth Center Mission Statement

“To challenge youth physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually
in a fun, nurturing and safe environment.”

Our highest priority is that every child who walks through our door
will know they are loved and accepted here.

Free After School Program

Hours of Operation and Eligibility

The Salvation Army Community Youth Center After School Program is for youth in elementary, middle school and high school.  The center is open Monday – Friday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm when school is in session.  (We follow Fort Wayne Community School schedule and closings.)

Community Youth Center (CYC) Schedule

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Specific Program Information

Homework Help: This time is dedicated to help students succeed in their academic achievement by providing the adequate environment to complete their homework. In addition, we are implementing a library corner to encourage students to read during their free time.

The Art Box: An organized time when students can explore their creativity through the arts. They will be given classes that will help them learn traditional art (drawing, painting, water color) and untraditional art (clay, cartooning, weaving).

Sport Club: An organized time when students will receive a variety of sports classes (i.e., hockey, basketball, volleyball, etc.) and learn healthy social skills to help develop team skills and good sportsmanship.

i-Music: A music program that will teach children the basics of music theory and singing skills. They will be able to apply their skills in our children’s choir, The Singing Company.

Character Building: Sunbeams, Girl Guards and Explorers are Christian character building programs focused on helping children learn about themselves and their world. They will do this through participating in programs centered around education, fellowship, service and worship. Any girl or boy regardless of race, color or religion may become a member of the local troop.
• Explorers: Explorers is a program for boys in first grade through fifth grade. The purpose of Explorers is to provide an opportunity for boys to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially, while exploring God’s Word and His World!
• Sunbeams: Sunbeams is a program for girls in grades one through five. The goal of Sunbeams is to help girls develope positive social and communication habits, decision making skills, character and leadership, and a sense of personal identity through a Biblical worldview.
• Girl Guards: Girls Guards is a program for girls in grades six through twelve. The goal of Girl Guards is to help girls develop positive social and communication habits, decision making skills and life skills, character and leadership, and a sense of personal identity through a Biblical worldview.

TGIF: An organized free time for students where they will partake in games, movies, free (controlled) computer time, or outside recreational activities.

Basketball & Mentor Program: This program is for high school students who are interested in playing basketball. Students will receive basketball coaching that will provide the necessary social skills for them: learn the fundamentals of the game, team skills, healthy lifestyle, flexibility, perseverance, as well as learning to win and learning to lose. They will be provided with mental, spiritual, and educational mentoring by their coach to help them develop into healthy and successful students.

Solid Rock Café

Free snacks and dinner is provided in our Café every day.  Members of our staff also share “life skills” moments with the youth during this time.  These brief presentations are designed to give kids direction, affirmation and encouragement while bringing Biblical principles into their lives.


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For more information please contact
Joshua Hazeldine – Community Youth Center Director

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