To be a member of The Salvation Army Advisory Council is to become a partner in mission.  Our mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.  The Salvation Army’s motivation is spiritual, and its goal is to minister to the whole person – body and spirit.   The Salvation Army finds these two components inseparable in its ministry.  The continuity of The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center in our community is largely dependent upon the strength of the advisory Council.  The Salvation Army  Harbor Light Center needs the wisdom, involvement and support of the advisory Council to continue moving its mission forward among those recovering from addiction.


Regular Members:

Teddi Barney
Carol Cohen
Dr. Franki Cooper
Dr. Ted Gabrielsen
Regina Lee
Maria Pimentel-Gannon
Dana Randall, Chairperson
Laura Stocker


Diversity Statement:

The Salvation Army affirms its full support, on all levels, to the Biblical imperative of human and civil rights, and seeks to promote intergroup understanding by practicing equal opportunity in all operations, delivery of services, community engagement, employment and decision-making, and by encouraging the inclusion of diverse members of our society.



To advise and assist The Salvation Army Harbor light Center in all its activities, programs and services in Indiana.  To formulate and assist in carrying out strategic plans:

• For the improvements of facilities, programs and services

• For the raising of Volunteers, Visibility and monies

• Working in close cooperation with the leaders


Length of Service

The Salvation Army Advisory Council term of service is for 3 years.  While it may be that some board members are considered for an additional three-year term, they should expect to be rotated off after the initial term.


Background and Expertise:

• Is fully committed to the Mission of The Salvation Army

• Is knowledgeable about the community, the needs and assets of the community and is active in the community

• Has significant life, career and or educational assets to support the mission and work of The Salvation Army

• Is willing to use personal, professional and civic contacts to support the mission and work of The Salvation Army

• Is willing to commit personal time and resources to The Salvation Army


Role of the Advisory Council member:

• Ensure and safeguard the fulfillment of the Mission of The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center.

• Ensure ethical and legal integrity

• Ensure the stewardship of resources (people and monies), and that adequate resources are available

• Ensure the Army’s visibility in the community

• Ensure the council has appropriate, quality leadership and membership that represents the community served

• Ensure that a strategic plan is developed and implemented

• Develop and maintain an evaluation process of the council, its committees and members, and the council’s effectiveness


Duties of the board member:

• Complete the council Orientation for new members

• Serve as a member of at least one standing committee

• Be an advocate for the Army

• Attend and participate in 75% of council and committee meetings

• Assist in the development and implementation of the strategic plan

• Assist in the financial development for the Army, making a personal, annual gift and seeking contributions from personal, professional and civic contacts

• Using the prescribed nominating process, actively recruit the highest quality council members available