The residential sub-acute detoxification program provides medical intervention 24-hours a day, seven days a week for individuals who are in acute physical distress as a result of their alcohol or drug abuse.  The Detoxification unit is staffed with state licensed and certified nursing personnel and is supervised by a licensed physician.Upon admission to the Detoxification unit, the nursing staff conducts a complete nursing assessment.  The physician prescribes a medication   regimen for the management of the client’s withdraw symptoms and health risks involved with the detoxification process. The length of stay is between 1-10 days determined by the type of substance used, amount used and the client’s physical condition. Each client receives a clinical assessment in order to link the client with additional services after  completion of the Detoxification program.

  • Pre-Admission

    • A pre-screening call is conducted to determine if medical &/or mental health clearance is needed prior to admission.
  • Admission:

    • Once cleared for admission to Detox, the client’s health is monitored by licensed/certified nursing staff, under the supervision of a licensed physician.
    • A nursing assessment, preliminary treatment plan, health screen and physical examination are conducted within twenty-four (24) hours of admission. Admission to Detox is contingent upon a medical diagnosis of substance abuse and/or dependence, as reflected in the utilization guidelines, which coincide with the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Volume V, or the presentation of physiological consequences resulting from substance abuse.
  • Detox Services After Admission

    • Medical services
    • Pharmacological services
    • Basic drug/alcohol education
    • Family/collateral contact when clinically indicated
    • Visitation arrangements with children when clinically indicated
    • Anonymous Meeting Attendance (Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.)-(mandatory)
    • Case management services related to their addiction
    • Thorough assessment of needs and strengths to determine future treatment needs and referrals
    • HIV/STD/TB screening completed by the Marion Co. Board of Health