Problem Gambling describes individuals whose gambling causes psychological, financial, emotional, marital, legal, or other difficulties for themselves and people surrounding them. Other addictive behaviors are commonly found with problem gamblers and may be contributing factors. Problem gamblers frequently experience problems with alcohol, drug abuse, and/or addictive sexual behaviors.  All persons entering The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center (SAHLC) for treatment services are assessed to determine the level of functionality and need for services.

  • Evaluation:

    • The screening tool utilized for gambling services is the South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS).
    • If a client qualifies, gambling services can begin during the fourteen (14) day Residential Treatment Program.
  • Programming:

    • Clients attend Gambling/IOP groups with Certified Gambling Counselors.
    • The goal is to progress to Transitional Housing and participate in Gambling/IOP classes three (3) times weekly for Counseling/Management, Individual Counseling, Individualized Integrated Care Plan Review and Case Management.
    • Services are also available for Acute Stabilization (including Detoxification) and Residential Services.
    • Gambling Treatment is a ten (10) week total program. It includes eight (8) weeks Gambling Programming and two (2) weeks Aftercare.