The Residential Treatment program offers a 14-day, 24-hour supervised living with highly structured addictions programming.   The program consists of educational classes related to chemical dependency, and focuses on relapse and recovery skills.  Programming is designed to teach basic recovery and life management skills to increase the individual’s ability to function effectively at home, work and socially. The RT program is enhanced with social and recreational activities, on-site 12-step meetings, family education, HIV education and testing, individual, group and spiritual counseling.  Case management services link clients with community-based services to meet basic needs.  On-site drug testing is routinely conducted.

The family education program offers information on chemical dependency, treatment process, recovery skills, family involvement and provides support to families while the client is in treatment.  Family members are given information on 12-step programs for their own recovery.


RT Programming:

  • Introduced during RT orientation, activities and treatment follow a pre-determined schedule
  • Activities and interventions include, but are not limited to:
    • Classroom instruction focuses on the disease of addiction, its effects on the body, mind, and spirit.
    • Introduction to the 12-step process
    • Mandatory on-site NA/AA meetings
    • HIV/AIDS/TB/STD education and screenings
    • Social skill development
    • Family dynamics (weekly family groups and client-only groups)
    • Health coping strategies for dealing with stress
    • Identifying target symptoms
    • Behavior management
    • Recognizing the initial signs of relapse
    • Relapse prevention planning