Salvation Army Launches Website For Bell Ringers

The Salvation Army, with the help of Summit Marketing, launched an on-line red kettle management website called Register to Ring.

The website empowers Salvation Army volunteers to sign up to ring the bells at kettles. Volunteers can select their locations and the schedule in just a few clicks. The Register to Ring website is also a great tool for Salvation Army staff to manage and maximize kettle volunteers. The end results speak for themselves.

Last year, 892 volunteers provided 1,706 hours of service ringing bells for The Salvation Army here in Tippecanoe County. Thanks to efforts like these, The Salvation Army helped nearly 14,500 people in the county last year. Of the 5,500 incidents of assistance we provided, 2,800 of those were people served for the first time. With the help of our friends and volunteers, The Salvation Army in Tippecanoe County provided more than 4,000 grocery orders — up 575 orders or 16 1/2 percent from last year. We also provided a little less than 3,700 nights of lodging and – get this – nearly 13,000 meals in our emergency family shelter.

While you are processing the magnitude of these numbers, be sure to bear in mind that each single number – and remember we’re talking about thousands – each single number represents a life changed.

“I wish I could tell you the demand for our emergency services is going down,” said Major Jim Irvine, Corps Officer for The Salvation Army in Tippecanoe County. “But I can’t. In fact, the demand for emergency service is at record high levels. Because of that, we need even more volunteer Bell Ringers than ever before. The launching of our new volunteer Bell Ringing website will make it even easier for volunteers to sign up and select the times and locations that best fit their availability.”

To sign up online, please go to For additional information, please contact Audrey Schneider at 765-742-0006.