In January 1920, The Salvation Army established the local “Advisory Board System,” which was designed to enlist local professionals, business and civic leaders to provide support to the local unit of The Salvation Army. The Advisory Board is charged with the responsibility of advising and assisting The Salvation Army in all its activities in a particular community.
The Advisory Board is considered the parent body, coordinating the activities of other advisory organizations.


Diversity Statement:

The Salvation Army affirms its full support, on all levels, to the Biblical imperative of human and civil rights, and seeks to promote intergroup understanding by practicing equal opportunity in all operations, delivery of services, community engagement, employment and decision-making, and by encouraging the inclusion of diverse members of our society.


Board Members

Andrew Forester – Board Chair
Wil Goering – Co-Chair
Phil McKay – Secretary
Kevin McCubbin – Treasurer
Mike Armstrong
Bob Canida
Cliff Carnes
Dave Collier
Bruce Dunagan
Toni Galassi
Mary Goldsmith – Life Member
Robert Glass
Harold Hunt
Steve McAtee
John Muessel
Mike Schafer
Charlie Schnabel
Bill Stephan
Sara Stetson
Laura Watson
Walt Morrill – Member in Emeritus
Al Huntington – Member in Emeritus

Recently we had the privilege of honor board members past and present:

Walt Morrill – Member in Emeritus
Al Huntington – Member in Emeritus
Bob Glass – Exceptional Service
Bill Stephan – Exceptional Service
Mary Goldsmith – Life Member
Jane Jacobs – William Booth