Angel Tree – Changes

For years The Salvation Army Jefferson County has been participating in bring joy through the Christmas season. One of these ways is through the angel tree program. In years past The Salvation Army Jefferson County when families would come in the day of distribution they would be handed a bag of pre-packed toys. This is no longer the case!images (1)

This year we are transitioning to a “shopping” style distribution. This means families will come in the day of distribution and “shop” for the gift themselves from what has been donated by the community. This change in distribution will be a far more empowering, honoring, and holistic style of distribution allowing for families to truly choose for themselves what will be best for their kids! Many times families would come home with the wrong size clothing, or miss gendered clothing. With this system families will know that they have picked out items their children will truly love.

This is great news for you too, because you can start shopping today at all the clearance racks to find the best angel tree gifts and clothing! We will still have tags on trees that reflect real people. However due to the change in distribution tags will be more general and less specific. Gift suggestions and sizes will still be legitimate suggestions from kids. We are so very excited for this change. We hope you will be as well!

Thank you for helping us make Christmas possible for families this year!