Madison Sings Praises for Baby Song!

Every Tuesday morning The Madison Corps plays hosts to babies and toddlers as they participate in Baby Song.  Baby Song is a musically based interactive program for children ages one to three and their parents.  Children sing songs, eat a snack, and dance to a variety of music.

Lt. Emily Phelps said, “Baby Song offers parents a chance to interact with their children and with other adults in a safe and fun environment.  Baby Song also helps develop children speech skills through song.  This is an excellent program for those who want to spend more time with their children, need a field trip out of the house, or want to expose their children to music.”

Those interested in Baby Song should contact Lt. Emily Phelps to register.  There is a one-time $5.00 fee per child.  As Baby Song is designed for parents to spend time with their children, parents should also come to participate.  Baby Song meets from 10:30 until 11:30 on Tuesdays.