Bass Guitar Lessons will be offered for children of all ages, however age 13 is the idea age to start learning bass guitar. We ask that student provide their own bass guitar for the lesson. lessons will start at a beginner level and increase in skill level as student show proficiency. Students can expect to learn the anatomy of a guitar, basic chords, strum/picking patters, basic music theory appropriate for bass guitar, and more.




The instructor Lt. Vinal Lee is a product of music programs offered by The Salvation Army. He started playing at the age of 13 when a need arose within the praise team. He accredits his love, passion, and skill to the work of The Salvation Army and their desire to invest in the lives of young people threw music, even when they may not have been ready to play in the band yet. Vinal has played music in a variety of roles from acoustic to rock. He loves guitar and is passionate about teaching young people how to play as well. We are sure you will find a great instructor in him.




Lessons will be held Thursdays 4:00p – 5:00p

There will be no cost to participate, but we ask that student provide their own bass guitar for lessons.