Christmas Greetings from the Lieutenants

This is our second Christmas in Madison.  And no matter what season it is, we are constantly reminded how beautiful of an area this is.  From the ice-covered waterfalls, the historical downtown district, to Hanover College, this truly is a special place to live.

In face of such beauty, we realize there is a special burden placed on us.  Surrounded by such a wonderful place to live, we constantly run into people who, due to life circumstances, are unable to see the beauty around them.  These include the homeless, the unemployed, the underemployed, and families struggling to make ends meet from day to day.  And for these people, it is our job to once again provide hope.

This is one of many reasons why we have tried our best to improve services at the Madison Citadel.  With the economy continuing to struggle, and more people out of work, we have found a need to increase money allocated towards social services.  These services include financial assistance for rent and utilities, a daily feeding program, an in house dental clinic, a food pantry, disaster response, Christmas assistance, backpacks and school supplies, clothing vouchers, winter coats, and some temporary housing assistance.

The Salvation Army has also recently added several new programs to our local corps.  On Tuesday nights, in our Solid Rock Club, kids first grade through high school are given a healthy meal, a Biblical lesson, and participate in a fun activity. Lt. Emily teaches sacred ballet to elementary age students on Thursday afternoons.  We have also added a men’s fellowship, a Bible study, a weekly prayer meeting, and expanded our women’s fellowship.

As we enter the new year, we envision much more for our community through The Salvation Army.  Naturally, we thank you for your continual support