Pathway of Hope Wedding!


friends and family. God blesses us in our work at The Salvation Army to love, cry with, laugh with, encourage and help make dreams come true for so many people. Currently we have a wonderful couple who will be married 41 years on Nov. 30, 2015. Their first wedding was in front of the justice of the peace on a cold, snowy night.

The husband has worked for the city of Madison for 40+ years. This family has faced multiple health crisis from their first daughter having kidney cancer at age 2, the other daughter has spinal bifida….to multiple strokes, a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, and so forth. In a matter of months we have grown to love this family as part of our own.

This summer the husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Recently he had a blood clot burst in the back of the brain, causing stroke like symptoms. It has always been the dream of the husband to give his wife a beautiful wedding. This is where God uses us to make their dreams come true. God is allowing The Salvation Army to give this beautiful couple a wedding on Saturday, October 17 at 3:00pm!

There are many ways to get involved before this beautiful day. The first is donated good. We need items such as:

1. Several Pumpkins all sizes.
2. 100+ corn stalks
3. Several gourds all sizes.
4. Mums
5. Bales of straw to borrow.
6. 50+ cream color candles.
7. Fall decorations, borrow or donate.
8. White Christmas lights.
9. Apples for candied, Carmel and slices.
10. Logs cut from branches of trees.
11. Jars of all sizes….ball, mason, canning, mayonnaise, or any type of glass jar. Borrow or donate.
12. Cream cloth, lace, burlap country style table cloths. Borrow or donate.
13.People to help make decorations.
14. People to help decorate.
15. People to help serve food.
16. People to help cook/prepare food.
17. Tear down and clean up on Sunday afternoon following the wedding.

We need you, the community to help. The Salvation Army cannot do what we do WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS FROM THE COMMUNITY!