Red Kettle Roast


page1-igLt Vinal of The Salvation Army and Chip George of The Attic Coffee Mill Cafe teamed up to create the Red Kettle Roast this year. This roast is for the benefit of The Salvation Army to help them reach their goal this Christmas Season.


Lt. Vinal is a home coffee roaster roasting coffee for a couple years. He finds joy in the process of coffee and the ability to have total control over what goes into his cup. When Vinal started out roasting coffee it was a way to save money. “I can buy 4 lbs of unroasted coffee for the same amount I could buy 1 lb of roasted coffee” He soon found out that roasting coffee opened up a whole new world of coffee love to him. “I have several brew methods in my home, Chemex, espresso, aero press, and more; home roasting allows me to roast a coffee bean from a different part of the world, with a different flavor profile that will give me the best cup of coffee for my preferred brew method, I think that is just awesome.” Vinal still goes to coffee shops because he loves the coffee shop vibe and hanging out with other coffee lovers. “baristas are some of my favorite people” He shared. I love going to the attic because they share a love for coffee and they roast their own beans in house. “They know what coffee they are getting, they can tell you the flavor notes, they can build a killer coffee experience.”


Chip is an artisan coffee roaster who has been working in the food industry for a number of years. Recently he has moved over into the coffee world and has fallen in love with coffee roasting. He loves the ability to offer the people in Madison the best cup of coffee they have ever had. There is passion in his work. He also is community minded looking for ways to give back to the community using his skills.

Chip and Vinal after talking about coffee for a while came up with the idea to do a roast for The Salvation Army during their Christmas Campaign, thus the Red Kettle Roast was born.


The Red Kettle Roast is like Christmas in a cup, it has creamy caramel flavors with milk chocolate as well as a nutty flavor. I can taste the joy of my childhood in this cup and I am filled with the nostalgia of the holidays.