During times of disaster, The Salvation Army is committed to providing food, spiritual care, and supplies to victims and those working at disasters.

We strive to bring the greatest degree of care to those in crisis situations. Whether fire, flood, or other natural disaster, The Salvation Army is here to help.


We cannot do this mission alone.  We are in constant need of volunteers to work at disaster sites.  If you are willing to be a trained volunteer during times of disaster, please contact us for more information on how you can join our Emergency Disaster Services team.

During the Walnut Street Flood in 2015 The Salvation Army served over 1140 meals, provided 1800 hours of emergency shelter, 11709802_1180093738683360_8798450299990581920_o94 flood kits, 2300 volunteer hours. We also provided countless other services that continue to benefit the city of Madison. All of this was made possible by generous donations of: time, money, and goods. We are deeply indebted to those who committed to helping us serve the community together.