What is World Services?
World Services refers to the religious and social services programs conducted around the world by the Salvation Army. Many of these programs are financially supported by designated voluntary contributions of individual Salvationists and friends.World-Services-Logo_2012-300x154

The year-round World Services/Self-Denial effort includes the components of education, public awareness, prayer and fundraising, to support The Salvation Army’s worldwide ministry. Funds raised help to further The Salvation Army’s work in other countries. As a part of Christian stewardship, officers and soldiers are encouraged to give sacrificially to World Services.

Does my World Services/Self-Denial donation make a difference?
Yes! World Services money is put to use overseas in a variety of ways including the funding of specific projects, providing support services to allow for the day-to-day operational costs of running Salvation Army ministries overseas, and supporting on-field support personnel such as missionaries and mission teams. In many locations, without the financial support offered through World Services/Self-Denial, ministries overseas would not have sufficient funds to operate.

The Salvation Army has always been in the forefront of World Missions,  officially operating in 127 countries.

The Salvation Army in Jefferson County is activity involved with three partners in mission: Mali (Africa) Barbados & St. Maarten (Caribbean Territory). All the money we raise for world services go to further the mission of The Salvation Army in these countries. All throughout the year The Salvation Army is active in supporting those in other countries there are many ways to get involved:

Mission Opportunities:

The USA Central Territory offers several short-term missions opportunities throughout the year.

Summer Mission Team  (SMT) is a leadershipdevelopment program that invites Salvationist young adults into a deeper relationship with the Lord through participation in an eight-week team missions experience.  Learn more

Global Mission Team (GMT) offers 1-2 week team missions experiences (construction or programming) for Salvationists ages 18 and older.  Learn more

Sponsorship Through Sponsorship, children overseas are given a chance to overcome poverty, illness, and many other factors that first brought them into the Sponsorship Program.  Every year, thousands of disabled, abandoned and impoverished children are given the gift of health, learning, activity and love.  The Sponsorship Program coordinates funds and relationships between donors in the mid-west and Salvation Army children’s homes, schools and centers around the world.

Sponsorship Application


Presently The Salvation Army Jefferson County is hosting a kiss the pig fundraiser!

If you’d like to be a part of this mission or learn about what more we are doing please feel free to contact us for more information.