Looking for a safe place to explore your faith? Maybe you have been in church your whole life and love to study the word, maybe you have never been to church and you identify as anything other than christian, maybe you have been burnt by church and want to start over and heal, maybe you are in need of a community who loves you and embraces you just as you are, maybe you are full of questions; about life, faith, and more but don’t know where to turn, maybe you are looking for an open loving community who encourages you to ask the difficult questions. maybe you don’t have a church home and you are looking for a community. maybe you have a church home, but you just want to attend a different bible study, maybe you love home roasted coffee brewed to delicious perfection, while eating snacks? If any of these or more identify with you, maybe just maybe one of our bible studies are right for you!11755716_1186723124687088_3174165837562064463_n

Wednesday @ 9:00a Java – and – Jesus, journey through the bible together creating space for difficult question to be asked in a safe environment.

Sunday @ 6:00p Young Adult Bible study meets at the pastors house. This bible study is for anyone ages 18 – 35 looking for a place to explore their faith be in fellowship with people their age. Contact us for the address

All of our bible studies are an open loving group seeking after the kingdom of God