Brother, Can you spare a……..?

March 31, 2014 by  

Current needs at the Salvation Army  of Delaware County- please consider us for donations if you have any- we will make sure it goes to a good home where it is needed!  God bless your kind heart! 
1.  PEANUT BUTTER!  Most like it, it is very good for you, and an inexpensive source of protein! 
2.  Your fan in good used or new condition- greatly to be appreciated by those who cannot afford one for themselves this summer- did you know that fan that may be sitting in your closet or that you don’t want to take home could save a life by cooling off someone in a residence which does not have air conditioning? 
3.  CLEAN USED CANNED POP MACHINE- we are hoping, hoping someone may have a canned pop machine that we can put in the corps building;  our clients would enjoy an opportunity for an inexpensive cool drink, our employees and church members would be grateful, and proceeds from the sale of canned pop go to fund the purchase of new Bibles and to support our youth- thank you! 
4. SCROLLING ELECTRONIC SIGN- Wow, we are really asking alot, but you know, to inform the community of what our current needs are and announce upcoming events, we would love to have an easily programmable scrolling sign.  Do you have a business that may have closed or have you updated?  Give us a chance.

 Thank you so very much for thinking of us!

FANtastic Help Needed!

March 29, 2014 by  

HARD TO IMAGINE that this summer is going to come, and it is going to bring HOT weather when it is almost at the end of March and still snowing a bit outside! But just as this weather is extreme, imagine what it is like to have 90 degrees plus. Some members of our community have no ability to cool off; either air conditioning is not present, or too expensive, or they may even lack a fan to take the heat off. Would you think about donating a window or oscillating fan, or any type to the Salvation Army for distribution this summer? We certainly will make sure it gets to the right person who will call and make a plea for some relief? Thanks so much for thinking of others distress and acting on it- God bless you!


Lots of things going on at the Muncie Corps!

March 20, 2014 by  

Our Disco Mystery Theater last Saturday, March 15 was a great success!  59 people attended and the youth group did a great job of serving; Celeste Robbins’ script was full of laughs and Lt.  Kevin Robbins, Chris Maddy, Josh Johnson, Maya Doss, Amber Maddy, Noah Robbins, and Davin Cornett played their parts to the hilt!  We also enjoyed some great fellowship and a little exercise on the dance floor! 

Upcoming events include:  Men’s Territorial Camp April 4-6 in Carlinville , Illinois;  11 men from Muncie are going!  Hurray and God bless their time together.    The weekend of April 18-20 will see our teens’ souls refreshed at Youth Councils.  This weekend, held at the beautiful Hidden Falls Camp near Bedford, Indiana is a time when many decisions for Christ are made- please keep them in your prayers; it’s really FUN too!!!!!  

May will also bring some wonderful events-  Saturday, May 3, and Sunday, May 4,  we will be honored and pleased to have Majors Rich and Sue Hartman host a  retreat  “Come Down to the Potter’s House”.  The weekend will be a deeply moving one; more details to come!       Two weeks later, May 16-18,   the lovely ladies of Muncie’s Womens Ministry will be heading down to Hidden Falls Camp once more for Women’s Camp!  What a special weekend this one  will be as we not only enjoy the companionship but the fun and time with Jesus that is a part of it.  Our Women’s Ministry meets on Wednesday evening at 7:15 PM…. are you invited to come?  You bet!  We have a great time, get a spiritual boost, have fun and always enjoy a delicious snack…. sometimes featuring delicious ham salad made by Jo Bailey or Karen Stackhaus!  :)

We are a Wesleyan Holiness Movement Christian Church that also does much social service work- we very much appreciate your support as we serve the Muncie community.  Pantry numbers have been on the rise lately-  contributions are greatly appreciated, and a special thanks to our ministry partners in Muncie, including First Presbyterian, Gethsemane UMC, First Baptist, St. Paul’s UMC and our own wonderful helpers from the Salvation Army.  Thank you also to our Men’s Ministry guys ( meets Weds at 7:00 PM) who seem to be always ready to lend a helping hand- again- you are invited! 

May God bless you today and always- come and join us for Sunday School  at 9:30 AM on Sunday morning, Holiness meeting at 10:45 AM;  teens have a great time on Sunday night at 6:15 PM.  We would love to meet you and welcome you to our fellowship!