Adventure Corps LogoThe Salvation Army Adventure Corps program for boys age six-14. Adventure Corps participants are encouraged to get out, explore the world around them and discover ways of serving God and others. By participating in a variety of activities including hiking, fishing, investigating museums, visiting nursing homes, memorizing Bible verses and camping, young men learn to overcome physical, mental and social challenges to grow into responsible adults.

I promise to explore God’s Word and God’s world to find ways to serve him and help others; to develop and guard good habits so that I will grow as God desires; and to adventure into the world with the “good news” of Jesus Christ.
Boys and young men have it all. In their busy schedules they have the time to have fun while still having the responsibility of bettering themselves through their local educational system. Why should Adventure Corps be any different. In Adventure Corps boys and young men get the opportunity to take part in a variety of exciting activities while working on emblems. This scouting type program offers fun work that also educates and builds positive
This program is held every Tuesday from 6:00pm – 7:00pm