Girl Guards LogoGirls in middle and high school are given the opportunity to join Girl Guards, a four-fold emphasis addressing their spiritual, physical, mental and social needs. Skill-development, personal growth and community service opportunities expand as girls learn to work together and independently in various environments. They are also encouraged to think seriously about career and life-style choices as they move into adulthood, based on what they’ve learned as a Girl Guard.

Girl Guard Aim:
I understand that as a Girl Guard
I will grow spiritually by increasing my knowledge of God through Bible study and prayer. I will grow mentally by being honest in my thoughts and actions and by developing the mind and talent God has given me. I will grow physically by protecting myself from all harmful substances and habits by developing a healthy body. I will grow socially by being respectful, friendly, of service to others and loyal to my country.

Young women today are faced with exciting choices, vast opportunities and new adventures. But at the same time many are confused about which path to take and what road is best for them. The Salvation Army is there to help. Through the Girl Guard program young women build self-confidence, explore positive options, take a look at potential careers, learn about the world, discuss current events, volunteer activities, dig into the Bible and discover how they can make a positive impact. Girl Guards also gives young women a safe place to get away from the pressures of middle and high school. They develop healthy friendships with other young women and are mentored by caring leaders.
This program is held every Tuesday from 6:00pm – 7:00pm