Please be guided by the following as to our requirements for assistance.

Food Pantry:

Photo ID, and proof of all individuals in the household; as well as proof of income.

Utility, Rent, Temporary Housing, & Certain Medications

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security number’s for everyone in the household
  • Proof of all income including food stamp amount (A print out is required for proof of food stamp amount)
  • Proof of all expenses (Electric, gas, water, car payment, car insurance, cable, medical, child support, rent, etc.)
  • The bill for the assistance (Most Recent)
  • The bill must be in the name of the person applying
  • The bill must be from the residence where they reside
  • The bill must be in pass due or disconnect notice
  • Reconnection fees and deposits are ineligible
  • If applying for rental assistance a lease agreement is required, or written proof of the tenants’ residency

Please Remember:

All documents are required before an application can be processed.  Lack of documentation may cause a delay in assistance.

Funds are first come first serve, and there is no guarantee that funds will be available