Philippians 4:6 (New International Version)

6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

What if His people prayed?
What if His people prayed?

If you have a prayer request, feel free to contact us & let us pray for and/or with you.

Here are some topics that you can pray about!

Prayer Topics

Praise and worship
• praise the Lord for who He is, our Creator and source of Life
• offer prayers of thanksgiving for what He has done in the past
• read verses from the Psalms to express praise to God
• pray the Lord’s prayer and mean it!
• pray for forgiveness for sin
• pray for acceptance of people who walk through the doors of our church
• pray for a deeper passion for lost people
• pray that God will reveal more of His plan for our lives and grant us the courage to be
obedient to that call
• pray for a deeper relationship with Him
• pray that our lives will resemble that of Christ
The Salvation Army
• pray that God will be the center in all activities of The Salvation Army worldwide
• pray that we will be an Army of humility
• pray that 24/7 will help foster a global passion for God
• prayer that The Salvation Army will be relevant to all cultures that it strives to reach with
the Gospel
• pray that the Lord will help us to take His love to our community
• pray for unity with other churches
• pray that we will honor the world that God created and respect the environment
• pray that God will grant us boldness to share the gospel with people in our community
Our corps
• pray that this corps will discover God’s vision for them
• pray for each member of the corps to become better servants
• pray that our corps will be mobilized for mission
• pray for the return of prodigals
• pray for all the leaders of The Salvation Army
• pray for the leadership team in your corps
• pray that the Holy Spirit will be poured out on leaders who have lost their passion for
• pray that God will give the people He is calling into leadership the courage and strength
to carry out that calling

What if an Army committed to praying 24/7?  Join us for 24/7 prayer initiative!

At the heart of this 24/7 prayer movement exists the passion to transform our communities and our very lives through Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled prayer.

Just imagine the spiritual outpouring from God if our Army responded to an urgent, passionate call to 24/7 prayer. As people pour out before God those who need to know Jesus as Savior, to situations of poverty, oppression and injustice, God will meet us and fill us with fresh enthusiasm to share the gospel and vision for social action. Respond to our passionate call to prayer today!

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