The Salvation Army has a rich history of service to those in need in Kosciusko County with “Heart To God, Hand To Man”

The Salvation Army was in Warsaw for short period of time when its work was opened in March of 1899 and then closed in March of 1901.

1921 – The Salvation Army “opened fire” in March with an office at Warsaw City Hall under the direction of Captain & Mrs. Fred Harvey.

1927-  The Warsaw Rotary Club held the first “Rotary Toy Day” to help children at Christmas.

1942-1945 – Bibles & Care kits were distributed to those enlisting in the Armed Forces from Kosciusko County during World War II.

1957 – After various locations the present facility at 501 E. Arthur Street was completed after a capital campaign led by Brigadier Brice Phillipson.

1958 – The United Way of Kosciusko County was founded with The Salvation Army being one of the original member agencies.

1965 – The Warsaw Rotary Club held its first Salvation Army Day in honor of Brigadier Brice Phillipson chaired by N. Bruce Howe.

Rotary Salvation Army Day

1968 – The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary was formed by Mazie Alexander and three other women at the request of Captain Howard Palomaki.  Along with Palomaki and Alexander in attendance were Pearl Palomaki, Georgia Kaufman & Ada Eagler.

1979 – The Fellowship Hall was added to the facility to include offices.

1988 – Christmas outreach was changed to include Angel Tree to provide food, clothing and toys to families in need.

1997 – The first “Choice Pantry” was opened in Kosciusko County in cooperation with the Foodbank of Northern Indiana.

1999 – N. Bruce Howe was awarded the “William Booth Award” for his volunteer work supporting The Salvation Army.

2001 – Colonel Anita Robb was awarded the “Order of the Founder” for her pioneering work in Social Services by Commissioner Moretz of The Salvation Army at a special ceremony in Warsaw.

Order of the Founder

2004 – The facility at 622 N Ellsworth St. (just behind the Arthur St. building) was converted from a Thrift Store to house the offices and Choice Food Pantry.

2008 – E. Mazie Alexander was presented the Women’s Auxiliary Award For Excellence for her work with the Women’s Auxiliary during the 40th Anniversary celebration.

Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary

2012 – The Salvation Army is awarded the “Agency of the Year” in the fight to end hunger in Northern Indiana by the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

2014 – The “Pathway of Hope” program was implemented in Kosciusko County as part of a national initiative of The Salvation Army to move families to sufficiency.

Pathway of Hope

2016 – Community Ministries Director, Ken Locke, was selected to be one of the torch bearers in Kosciusko County for the Bicentennial celebration of the State of Indiana.  He was nominated for helping “Others” in need.

Many services have been provided throughout the years including Summer Camp, youth development and outreach to “Others”.

Most importantly The Salvation Army is a place of worship and service in the name of Jesus Christ.  The Salvation Army believes in a wholistic approach to helping others body, mind and spirit.

The Salvation Army in Warsaw is part of an international movement serving in over 120 countries.  The vision of William and Catherine Booth, which started on the East End of London in 1865 now goes around the globe.  The sun never sets on The Salvation Army flag.

The Salvation Army – International Headquarters

2021 will mark the 100th Anniversary of The Salvation Army in Kosciusko County!