The Salvation Army conducts a variety of religious and charitable activities in the community.  It is the purpose of the Advisory Board to assist The Salvation Army in the conduct of these activities by being familiar with all phases of its operations in the community; by formulating plans for the improvement of the facilities and programs offered; and by making recommendations with respect to fund raising, community relations, program, and expenditures.  ADVISORY BOARDS PROVIDE VALUABLE ASSISTANCE and advice that help us advance and continue the operations of The Salvation Army. Local community leaders volunteer their efforts to help the Army in maintaining good business and professional relations in the community.  Other activities include the review of annual budgets, coordination of programs with other agencies, and involvement in local activities and fund- raising campaigns for instance, our advisory board in Kosciusko County plays an important role in our annual Kettle Campaign.



Alan Alderfer, Chair
Dennis Reeves, Treasurer
Jennifer Stofer, Vice Chair, Secretary

Regular Members

Alan Alderfer
Roy Blake
Judy Brown
Cindy Dobbins
Ann Gephart
David Hamrick
Dennis Reeves
Scott E. Reust
Jennifer Stofer

Ex Officio Members

Steve Beck
Ruth Casner
Lt. Karen Pommier
Lt. Esteban Pommier
Major Bob Webster

Life Members

John Hall
Robert Kline
Robert Gephart (1929-2014)